• Every Forex Broker looks for new ways to provide added value to its clients. For serious brokers they encounter other issues. Dormant clients that have funds with the broker that do not trade and low volume clients are a real issue for brokers. This is particularly true for low balance clients, where retention just isn’t a viable solution due the time restraint and low value of the client

    Archer is able to offer you as a broker your own Social Signal’s software. This can be branded as your broker brand or an additional brand.

    The social trading platform will provide your clients the ability to receive real time signals directly to their terminal! No need to be logged in to any platform or website. And with a simple click of a button the trade can be entered directly into the MT4 platform as a trade. All clients can choose whom to follow or choose to have their trades available for others to follow or view. This platform can be setup as a broker solution and not a signal solution advertising other brokers