Forex & Binary License

  • Archer are experts at the regulation process in Belize with local leaders handling the process from start to finish. This offshore location offers huge tax incentives and the process is a fairly quick application. Archer will guide you through the entire process and support you with the maintenance of your company and license.

    Archer are able to provide assistance with the formation of International Business Companies (IBC), Limited Liability Company (LLC), International Trusts and other Offshore Entities and together with our local partners are very experienced in License applications and have enjoyed a high success rate.

    The International Financial Services Commission (Licensing) Regulations 2007 provide for the Director-General of the Commission to approve licenses to enable a legal entity to provide, carry on, transact, or hold itself out as providing, carrying on, or transacting any of the below services in or from within Belize.

    The services that are able to be offered within the IFS Belize license include the following:
    • Foreign Exchange Trading
    • Trading in financial & commodity-based derivative instruments & other securities (e.g. futures, options, interest rates, foreign exchange instruments, shares, stock, contacts for differences, etc.)
    • Payment Processing Services
    • Money Transmission Services
    • Asset Protection and Management
    • Brokerage, consultancy, or Advisory services in any of the above

    Regulation in Belize under IFSC, offers major advantages to other jurisdictions. Let the experts at Archer Consultants assist you in your application today.