Forex & Binary License

Setting Up a Licensed and/or Regulated Forex Broker and or Binary Options Company

    Licensed Forex Broker and/or Binary Options Company Setup

    In today's competitive market, opening a licensed and or regulated Forex Broker or Binary Options Company has become absolutely essential. Archer International Consultants are experienced in establishing Forex Brokerages in jurisdictions all over the world. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure the establishment of the relevant and professional Forex or Binary Options license for the specific needs and markets of each client.

    Archer Consultants strive to assist Forex and Binary Options Companies whether they are start-ups or established entities, with specific services to guide clients from start to finish throughout the licensing and incorporation process of brokerages. The services offered by Archer include broker license applications, company formation, payment solutions, Forex software and technology solutions, Binary Options technology solutions, Integrated CRM and management solutions, signal technology, corporate bank accounts and many other amenities required for a successful Forex brokerage.

    Forex and/or Binary Options Licenses are regulated and maintained through strict laws that are monitored by various national and international governmental bodies in each jurisdiction. The primary role of these regulatory bodies’ is to ensure that Forex and Binary Options brokerages, licensed by these regulatory bodies provide the correct services to their clients and follow all legislation and regulations set by these licenses.

    By choosing to open your Forex brokerage and/or Binary Options Company with Archer, you will be guided by professionals through a bureaucratic until the application process is complete

    Once the license has been established Archer will continue to service its clients in the maintenance of the regulation, license or registration received. Archer's services include legal, consulting, accounting HR, administration services and more. Banking and payment solutions are also supported by Archer Consultants.