Banking Solutions

The unique nature of your business demands that we deliver innovative banking solutions that can help you meet the challenges of operating within today's fast-paced international environment.

Bank Accounts and the ability to conduct business in a safe and stable manner is a very sensitive issue for online Forex Brokers and Binary Options companies alike; that is why Archer Consultants has close working relationships with a number of banks across the globe, specializing in the provision of international banking services for Forex Brokerages and Binary Options companies. Depending on the jurisdiction you choose, you will find our experience and expertise has been invaluable in identifying and working with reputable and leading offshore and international banks. We regularly review the best offshore banking opportunities for business purposes in the market place and recommend those which we believe to be best suited to meet your specific needs.

All the banks we have chosen to work with, meet our high standards of confidentiality, have excellent reputations, offer a wide range of financial products, and operate in countries with political and economic stability as well as offering guarantees to avoid the risk of bankruptcy.
At Archer we understand that having a flexible payment system is paramount to success. It is for this reason that we have identified payment providers that will work with your Forex and Binary Options company and allow you to receive funds easily in multiple jurisdictions and in multiple currencies thus reducing costs and decreasing the time of receipt of payment as well as making the payments from end clients much easier thus increasing conversion.


We know that once we understand our clients and their business objectives we will be able to assist them in identifying a suitable bank to work with. Some of the aspects we consider are:
  • The registered residence and operational address of our client.  Banks often have policies that deny, restrict or place conditions upon certain classes of clients from having access to their services, and these policies change from time to time.
  • The proposed activities of the client company or trust that we administer.
  • Opening deposits and minimum balance requirements.


The factors to consider when opening an offshore bank account include:
  • The political and economic stability of the jurisdiction(s) in which a bank is head-quartered, located and regulated
  • Reputation and substance
  • Quality of regulation and access to deposit and investor protection
  • Parent company or similar guarantees
  • The business focus of the bank

In general, the banks we work with seek to provide services to some or all of these types of clients:
These services are provided from both offshore banking and international locations.