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    The UK Forex industry is well established, broad in it's scope and highly regulated. It is of the upmost importance to understand the complex nature of the application process in order to obtain the relevant UK Forex licensing. Being well versed in the regulatory body for UK Forex brokers is essential as compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is required.

    The Forex industry is licensed and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA was established to provide a regulatory framework for all financial companies. This includes all rules, regulations, investigatory and enforcement powers in an effort to ensure that all statutory conditions are met. The FCA is an independent body, answering to the Treasury and the UK Parliament. Through it's structure, the FCA is headed by its Board which decides on the policies, procedures and overall direction of it's activities. Its statutory responsibility is to regulate exchanges, financial companies and financial services markets.

    Archer Consultants are experts in FCA regulation and will assist you in obtaining your FCA regulation to operate your business.

    FCA is based on a self regulatory regime and unlike other jurisdictions in Europe such as Cyprus, Malta and Bulgaria where the capital requirements are known and explicitly stated, the FCA applicant must state the capital requirement that it believes that it requires and must explain why its so. It is for reasons such as these that when it comes to seeking FCA regulation, using an experienced team that understands the intricacy’s of the license sought with the experience to go about it is essential.

    Archer Consultants and its local partners bring the experience and success of multiple successful license application together with the business knowhow of the industry to bring forward an efficient application and process, while keeping to the minimum MiFID requirements to keep costs down both during the application process as well as in the first months of operations.