Forex & Binary License

  • FSA - Seychelles Forex Broker and Binary Options Licensing

    Archer Consultants together with its local representatives are able to assist your in seeking a Security Dealer License for your online Forex and or Binary Options company under Seychelles Financial Service Authority FSA.

    Seychelles offers the ability for online Forex brokerages and or Binary Options company’s and fund managers to License their companies with the Financial Service Authority, FSA.

    Regulation with the Seychelles has changed in the second half of 2014 and anyone seeking a license within the Seychelles must now be prepared to hold a local staffed office with the Seychelles for the purpose of liaising with the local regulator and maintain local records.

    Archer is able to assist you in checking your company and associated members to see whether you could be a candidate for licensing within the Seychelles. If you prove to be an appropriate candidate, Archer will be able to assist you in setting up your local office as well as contracting with the appropriate local services that will be necessary in order to maintain your Seychelles license.

    Contact Archer Consultants today for more information on getting a Security Dealer License under the Seychelles FSA.